Abby Martin & Lee Camp On The New Cold War
  1. I share your values and support both Lee and Abby having the courage and determination to speak the truth in this world of propaganda and censorship. My wake up was 20yrs ago learning of the barbaric attack on USS Liberty by israel and asking myself why there was no revenge (US standard practice) and why was the story buried from the American people. This led to finding the truth on Palestine, what was the Yinon Plan, what was the root cause of US involvement in Middle Eastern wars. I see the same US hand at play against both Russia and China. Start with false propaganda, follow with NED/CIA destabilization via US funded terrorist and separatist groups with regime change intent to favor US domination and hegemony. Hypocrisy and double standards are bywords for US foreign policies.
    Empire Files lives on in my computer, most memorable “Israel IS an Apartheid state” by Abby. Gaza Fights for Freedom was purchased and is a perfect tool for calling out the blatant western hypocrisy when comparing Ukraine and Gaza.
    Raising the Cuban missile crisis and the US fueled 2014 Ukrainian coup with neo-nazi elements are also a subject to be censored.
    Hang in there you have way more support than is apparent.

  2. Lee and Abby among my favorite truthtellers! Sorry this is happening to Lee. Seems US really is taking off the mask of caring about the public, the constitution or bill of rights. Totally 1984. What’s next –freezing people’s bank accounts, or even just confiscating private accounts cuz they hate dissent, whistleblowers, and challenges to the aceptable narrative?

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