LEAKED: Goldman Sachs Note Says Curing Diseases Is Bad For Business!

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  1. Next they will admit that they poke holes in every other condom to increase sales in diapers,AIDS medicine,and Maury “Yes you are the Father”T-shirts.

  2. that’s:
    “It’s not good for toxic {resource/money concentration and or master-slave} culturalizing”

  3. Great report Lee. Thank you. Keep educating towards sanity (though as you report, we still seem destined to self destruction).
    So much systemic examples, from bottles (of water, coke, etc etc) of deception to the bp etc’s.

    Natural and “modern organic regenerative food / agriculture” as proactive way for health or preventive or even as genuinely effective “cure” has faced the “It’s not good for toxic resource/money concentration and or master-slave culturalizing”

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