MOC #55 – Facing Prison For Fighting Injustice (w/ Lillian House)

  1. I live in the midwest and racism is rampant here. It includes most of my family and aquaintences. The police are definitely biased. It’s just beneath the surface in all dealings between whites and blacks. Subtle but always present.

  2. Lee that was a very good idea to have Lillian House on your show to let people know what’s going on in other parts of the country. MSM are too stupid to report this kind of lawlessness by the police and prosecutors. This is why the term “defund the police” came about, because of this stuff is going on. What would happen if the people went to Wall Street and went through all the big banks there, like they did at the capital? That’s what these 0.01%’ers fear the most, having their money taken away from them. Nazi culture is the same as Communism culture, they where both socialism, and they fear Bernie Sanders. These police and prosecutors should be living out on the streets instead of good people. I’ll keep fighting!

  3. Yep, if you doubt that most of us are good germans, read Chris Hedges new article:
    Of course Lillian House is not. I wish I could afford to help these folks out. Elishia McClain’s murder is so despicable and sad, I can’t understand what goes into the making of monsters like the Aurora police in spite of understanding that this is a result of structural racism and capitalism.

  4. Thank you Lee Camp and Lillian House for revealing and exposing the rot and Corruption of police departments and corrupt laws which go after social activists. Thank You for exposing the Nazis and Fascists racist scum in both the police departments and Prosecutors office. It reveals the Nazi laws used to persecute protesters who dared to challenge their racism, their stone cold, racist, Nazi police culture.

    Not only should the police and the prosecutors be, themselves, prosecuted and put in jail for the murder of innocent African Americans, but also, must be charged for harassment and enabling political arrests against social critics. We must defeat this Nazi culture in a police departments and demand for real social justice. This Fascism goes way beyond the police department right into the political Elites themselves, the same culture that was part of Nazi Germany.

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