A message from Peter Joseph, creator of the Zeitgeist Movement

What if all the baggage and bullshit of our society were absorbed into
the conscience of one man? A man who refused to accept this “Normality”
we wade through…what kind of time-bomb would emerge? Well, as
Evolution would have it in its process of Self-Correction, Lee Camp is
that embodied “Time-Bomb of Reason” – ready to destroy anything that
seeks to pollute our culture and restrict our possibility as a species.  –Peter Joseph

  1. This is great praise.
    The provocateurs for concerned citizens is growing and with people like Lee Camp Julian Assange and Peter Joseph giving their thought provoking opinion backed up with some serious factual info.
    I would say that this is ART in its essence i.e. KICKING AGAINST THE PRICKS!!
    I’m inspired.

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