“A Detailed Plan To Decrease Corporate Power” – MOC#78

  1. Lee Camp Thank You! The idea that you can feed the economy with mindless toys to keep us as a collective occupied enough to not give two shits while nothing gets done is an A-bomb on it’s way to the ground! And the only economy really seeing benifits to any of it is China anyway and who needs to empower that “red dawn to be” anymore than it already is! The only way change will ever really happen is if we stand fucking still or some other figurative bat to the skull. I have to admit I have been a comedian of standard comedy club jokes and I have been tired of the idea of myself doing standard comedy jokes since the begining. You’re an eye opener on a material level and even though I’m from the midwest I can relate to your message! Thanks again and I hope to meet you one day!

  2. Huzzah! Malwart- purveyors of fine plastic crap. I bet Sam Walton is spinning in his grave looking at the current business model of the company he began long ago on the basic concept- American Made; how novel!

    Your hittin on my favorite topic now… corporate greed.

    Let me go one step further- stop buying shit, and begin advocating responsible capitalism. What is that you may ask? That is where the lowest paid worker in a company makes no less than 25% lower wages than the highest paid worker (like the CEO)

    Sounds utopic you say? That is because we have been raised on GREED! How much fucking money does anyone really need to survive? (providing the corporate backs get broken and fair and true pricing is reinstated through consumer boycotts and patronization)

    The most asinine thing is the fact that Maulwart is cutting the throats of the very customers they have established… where are American citizens going to find money to buy plastic crap if they have no job…. because all the manufacturing work is outsourced to poor countries?

    *scratches head*

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