[70] Redacted Goes To the Presidential Debate! And more…

Lee explains how small starts can lead to big changes. A new Snowden has leaked “The Drone Papers” to the public, Americans celebrate Indigenous People’s Day, and GMO lobbyists seek to protect Big Agra by pushing the D.A.R.K Act. Abby Feldman explains why locally sourced food is gauche and tacky. Also – We sent John F. O’Donnell to cover this first Democratic Presidential Debate in Las Vegas, and he has much to report.

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  1. Refreshing messages, as always. Thank the many heavens for Lee Camp. Each time I watch an episode however I’m a little afraid that the childish humour of Feldman and O’Donnell discredit the quality of Redacted’s good work at the expense of securing the wider audience deserving of the show. Apologies, I do not mean to be negative. I do really appreciate the show.

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