LEAKED: Hillary Reacts To Bernie’s Surge!

Hillary Clinton accidentally revealed her true feelings about Bernie Sanders’s surge.
– Created and written by the Redacted Tonight team. You’ve heard of “Hitler Reacts” – well, this is Hillary Reacts.

  1. I just read a lot of the comments on my page. Most found this hilarious but some found it in poor taste. No matter who it was about, this is one hell of a great piece of comedy. I was still laughing as I read the comments.

    Lee Camp, you’re a comic genius!

  2. I laughed so hard at this it threw me into a coughing fit. What a perfect mate to compare Hillary with! I’ll never understand how anyone can support her. She probably threatens their lives if they don’t.

  3. In the Oklahoma vernacular german…Ach mein got !!Mein leibchens Hillary ist ein verbotten…I hope!…lest there be a second act and I am up to my neck in a mound of scorched earth…

  4. Totally Awesome political Humor, SPOT ON storyline and the hair and makeup people were TOP NOTCH! !!!!!! KUDOS you NAILED IT, looking forward to the next segment!!!!

  5. Totally awesome political humor, SPOT ON storyline and the hair and makeup people were
    TOP NOTCH!!!! Kudos, you NAILED IT!!!!

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