I Was 10 Feet From The Charlottesville Attack, Here’s What I Saw

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  1. Thanks for continuing to make this world a better place. It is important to wake up and stay awake and your hard work and communication keep the online fight alive. Will come to one of your shows, as soon as I am in your geographical location. Peace and love, Rose

  2. OK. No mention the only other people seen globally wrecking statues – apart from USAMO in Bagdad – are ISIS.
    Your much more positive and loving note, would be the idea of the preservation and protection of this History in museums – is a good compromise in the meantime. A third way to assuage the programed ‘color revolution’ being played upon the citizenry by designated terrorist groups antifa and KKK. A classic example of covert power and ‘Strategy of Tension.’
    Educating the population to the reality – the ‘real politik’ – of False Flag attack; what it means to truth and beauty ; examples of it, how deeply ingrained its ‘war game’ and homeland deployment is in USAMO History – especially now – GLADIO.P2OG.PHOENIX etc, would be truths the Museums could arrange to protect right next to the statues.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. It had to be hard to relive those moments. I’m so glad you are safe. Keep fighting the good fight and please stay safe!!

  4. Lee,
    So sorry you had to live through that horror. Of course you know it will forever change you. I know it will for the better. You have been fighting so so hard for the truth. You are a brilliant mind, great caring empathic soul who searches for the facts for us. The fact that you have great wit is really a sideline. We love you and appreciate you. Keep fighting for us Lee. We will be here for you and keep spreading the word. Hugs, Valerie in MN

  5. Lee, Thanks so much for everything you do … for your witty insightful and always dogged support for us up at Standing Rock! … but further Justice and human rights in general.

    I am so glad you are unhurt physically. As a global front line activist I see in your eyes what all of us real front liners have. Its a terrible burdon and hard to unsee and unknow…

    even tho I have been a global human rights activist/observer, my moment of clarity came Sept 28, 2016 as I watched police helecopters protect a cropduster dumping a mustard yellow powder over our heads … right over my car at Standing Rock. I was unable to leave my home or walk for 8 months… the US govt used a nerve agent on me then erased all evidence but my agony… the physical pain is nothing on the heart break I had… the one I see in your eyes Lee.

    I pray for you (and everyone there) to heal inside so you can keep doing your thang… because you, your wit and your social justice voice are defo needed. <3

    Prayers for #HeatherHeyer. <3 May her new journey be everything she prayed for. Prayers out to her family and community. Thank all of you for your Stand and Work.

    Robin Hamm
    Human Rights

    And prayers

  6. Lee, you know how you were unsure about sharing this video with us? I am so very thankful that you did. Besides the obvious reasons, there is a healing that comes from loving hearts bearing witness to a victim’s suffering. My hope is that this beautiful, loving woman’s spirit feels your love, the love of all who were there in peace and the love of all who watch and share this video. A young Indigenous American man texted me this (at the height of the prayer actions to stop the ND pipeline) :
    “Do not be afraid. War is coming.” I took this to mean that Spiritual War was coming (seems it is here now). My understanding of Indigenous American profecies that I have heard in ceremony is, Evil will loose because Humans will rise up in peaceful prayer. Violence cannot survive in a climate of Peace. Also, I appreciate all the posted comments of my fellow Lee Camp followers. Thank you Lee, for going to that event, videoing then sharing it with us- I hope that by sharing with us, that your sorrow, shock etc will become a less heavy weight on your heart. Likewise, by our sharing your sorrow, shock etc., I hope that we all will be stronger & amp up our peaceful efforts to bring about a peacefilled, healthy and loving global community that heals Earth.

  7. The your work is so important. we all care about you so much. If there’s anything you can do to make more Lee camps, that would be good. [I’m serious a little bit] I’m hoping you have smart young people helping you with all that you do and learning from you.

  8. Thank you Lee, as always. So glad that you were not injured, hope that you are taking care of yourself. Keep fighting. Keep telling the truth. Keep inspiring us to do the same!

  9. Glad you and yours are safe, sorry this happens,. It’s all stemmed back to the tactic known as “cognitive infiltration” which is a gov. coined term. It’s ancient war lord psychological tactics and is part of propagandas ability to create emotions like a piece of clay on a ceramic wheel —

    Not to change subject, but if you had to ask me, I’d say, let’s have a conversation about what happens when you type in “Elsa” on youtube.

    Keep fighting Lee, we’re not dogs , let’s not be dogs

  10. The blatant manipulation of ignorance echoes the Southern Strategy employed by politicians and aristocracy throughout history. Division is an effective tool for social control. Information is changing the South and these demonstrations are the death rattle of a dying mentality. Thanks, Lee for repping the new South and spreading so positive and enlightening information.

  11. You astound me with how you can bring awareness through levity and laughter. You are truly doing your part to try and help the world using your gifts. It’s obvious that this experience profoundly affected you and your seem close to tears. It made me tear up to see you, usually so light hearted and hilarious as hell, so strong, hurting. There is so much pain in the world, and i need your words of encouragement: to keep fighting, to try and make things better rather than hiding and becoming so overwhelmed that i do no good. As always, thank you for your inspiration, and for making us all laugh our heads off.

  12. Lee, thanks for courageous reporting & always being there: those hard places where things are terribly wrong.

  13. so sad that there are people with so much fear in their heart. Fear is hatred, jealousy, greed, doubt, insecurity. To think that honor, pride and dignity is the opposite end of fear makes you wish men would have more pride in themselves and in their actions. Nothing is more important than man to have his pride. Makes me so sad for men like the men who do these things…You are beautiful Lee. You have pride and honor and compassion and it is what makes you shine above all the rest. Keep on shining honey so maybe some of those other men will have a goal to reach in their life and they can one day stand as tall and as true as you. Keep fighting!

  14. Witnessing a tragic event such as this will profoundly change you. But you must keep strong and fight on.

    Thanks for your continuing quest for the truth and your insightful commentary.


  15. Thank you, Lee. Your humanity and your compassion are always there for us, even, or maybe especially, behind your humor and your outrage. Keep your strength, keep us grievously laughing, and know that you are a clear breath of sanity for me — for so many of us. Thank you. Keep fighting!

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