“You Can’t Pepper Spray A Thought” – M.O.C. #94

4 responses to ““You Can’t Pepper Spray A Thought” – M.O.C. #94”

  1. Doc Wright says:

    I am one of the 50,000 Americans who started looking REAL HARD for jobs in the first week of May, 1970. I cheer for the 99%ers, but I fear, realy ddeply for your physical well-being in the coming weeks. If you are under thage of 60, then you crtainly were not taughtt about Kent and Jackson State Universities, and just ow far the ReTHUGnicans are prepared to g! Stay safe, people!

  2. Firedancer says:

    Great work Lee! Thanks for that Moment of Clarity, I’ll be back!

  3. Keep up the good fight Lee! Another excellent comic take on the situation!

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