MOC #41 – Techno-Fascism Is On The Rise (with Jordan Chariton)

  1. Lee,

    Remember how “the curtain” came down on Jammu and Kasmir? This is way bad—

    This is a NATO allied country doing coordination with multi-national “Big Tech”–

    New laws will break the backbone of agri sector: Arundhati Roy
    “The new agriculture laws will break the backbone of the farm sector and give the control to the corporates,” she said, alleging that the Union government was trying to discredit the agitation.
    PUBLISHED ON JAN 30, 2021 10:23 PM IST

    Updated on : Monday, February 1, 2021, 3:03 PM IST
    ‘The Caravan’ magazine’s official Twitter handle withheld in India
    By FPJ Web Desk
    Twitter accounts of actor Sushant Singh, activist Hansraj Meena and many others have also been withheld in India “in response to a legal demand”.

  2. Getting to a point???? We done been here for a loooooooong time.
    Before Google went public, when it was just a student project, I used it to find a website that condemned the US war against the Philippine people. After Google became for profit, the site only had a ‘Goodbye’ page: “Google will no longer find us, so we’re not getting enough traffic to pay our expenses and we had to shut this site down,” that was up until their lease on their web space and Internet name expired.
    And Alphabet makes those days seem simple and innocent. There were videos of Biden bragging about using $1 billion of US taxpayer money to get a Ukrainian prosecutor fired. Search for those videos, and all you get is, ‘All rumours about Biden in Ukraine debunked.’

  3. Lee – With all the problems with our video overlords at YouTube, what’s the best way to support you and your cohort? Rockfin? Patreon? It’s somewhat confusing as to how much of what we pay actually makes it directly to the creators. Thanks

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