Windmill Sortie

“Windmill Sortie” by Lee Camp

This page should have more soon. But until then, please check out THE ONION which I’m a contributor for. Also, you can see most of my recent writing for The Huffington Post by clicking here: www.huffingtonpost.com/lee-camp

  1. I should definitely do that. I do take suggestions but usually over email. Anyway, I like your suggestion. Maybe if something happens in the news with slum lords, I’ll jump on it. Thanks a lot, GT!

  2. Hey Lee, love your stuff! I have a suggestion for your website…how bout an area where listeners can suggest new topics for you to lend your unique style of commentary to? Here’s one for ya – SLUM LORDS! Ever heard the song “Space Lord Mutha F*cka?” Just for fun, (& to vent frustration) I changed the lyrics to “Slum Lord, Mutha F*cka”!

  3. ya! Lee, I smell a Talmudic krypto-adherent and it’s you. I’d rather smell a three week dead fish under a pier, it’s less offensive and not phoney.

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