Why The US Media Will Never Tell You The Truth

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  1. Im a fan of your work and hope you take my comments as constructive.

    The root of most of the problems you (and most others) point-out is almost always missing.

    Capitalism is not the problem. Capitalism like firearms is a tool. Any tool can and likely will be misused with devastating effect if not bound by consequence.

    Why is it very few talk about sovereignty.

    Sovereignty in the US is what we are all told we possess as citizens. The mythology is predicated in as much as each citizen has the ability to choose who represents our voice/power by the ballot; equally.

    Unfortunately our sovereignty has been taken from us by the 0.02% (according to Lawerance Lessig and others). In as much as we do not get to pick who we want to represent us but instead are most often given the choice between the lesser of two evils for each offce.

    Our electorial system shields the state from all but the most egrious violations of its citizens rights and almost all of the pervasive harms done in our name.

    We can not cheque the states power. The concept of “equal under the law” only applies (at the states digression) to the “haves” and is the reason we have one set of rules for the “haves” and a very different set of rules for the “have nots”.

    Without real sovereignty we can not effectively hold office holders and unelected representatives of the state to account.

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