White House Blames Communism For Our Problems!

  1. I was feeling very low when I came home. You have lifted my spirits and inspired me. I do think the protests in the UK – Enough is Enough and the Just Oil protests outside UK parliament are worth a mention. People are standing up in the midst of this onslaught. It would be good if we could get international support.

  2. Dearest LEE CAMP. Opportunity only knocks once. DO YOU HEAR THE M + M song playing? Oh.. it’s playing. Cut your hair. Shave your beard. Get a 10 dollar helmet at your local Army/Navy Surplus store. You are Zelensky. It’s not about the fame and fortune. It’s your ticket to spread your political message WORLD WIDE. Don’t Lose this opportunity. Start out less controversial and then go for it. Paris Sparrow on FB. You won’t regret it. MY real email is Sparrow Paras @gmail.

  3. I didn’t think it was possible for them to find a White House Press Secretary who would look more BRAIN DEAD than the last one, BUT… they managed it.

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