What They Will Never Say At The Democratic Debates (plus Viewer Questions)

  1. Hi, Lee,
    I´m an ex-pat, living and working in Munich, Germany, for the past 35 years. Watching America from a distance is interesting, even scary. Now, on the news here, it´s being recommended not to even travel to the US because it is too dangerous, almost like a war zone. I only come to visit every 5 years or so and I am waiting anyway for Bernie to take control. That´s all I can wish for…

  2. Had to comment on brand name clothing rant…not yours, but why you do not like to wear,,,,I’m smiling cause I have done the same thing and felt the same way…in my days it was Jordas Jeans and I remember saying the same thing ” will NOT buy them and give them free advertising. Again and agree they should pay us for wearing them….BTW I do the same with cleaning supplies , name brands, etc, I’m constantly spewing “STOP buying and they will stop making it!…Stop feeding those that steal from us…I can go on and on,,, but I’ll close for now ,Blessing

  3. Hi Lee, I’m wondering if the Democratics will talk about gun control and banning assault rifles in light of all the mass shootings? Will they all call out tRump’s racism and white nationalism in regards to the El Paso shooting?

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