What The Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You About Ukraine/Russia

  1. Lee Camp, I enjoy your videos cause you are always exposing and telling the truth. We live indeed in the Belly of the Beast (The USA) with many of its bigot white supremacist population egotistical distorted thinking they own this land and believing they are above the Native Americans and other ethnic groups. God gave the Americas to the Native Americans to inhabit, not the white supremacist bigots. I suspect God and the aliens will punish the BEAST and return this land to the original tribes of the Native Americans after the upcoming cataclysmic man made caused catastrophes’.

    The US, its corporations owning and funding government officials to do their bidding, DARPA, CDC, NIH, Pentagon, US military, military industrial complex, US bioweapons scientists, US corporations and white supremacist are the bully and instigator of all problems both internationally and domestically. The US is the true originator and disperser of multi biological weapons against unsuspecting American citizens and international population for various purposes. The US is the instigator of a plethora of wars and regime changes for profit for over 100 years.

    It is so sad that it is incrementally getting worse with the suppression of free press, the incarceration’ of Julian Assange, etc. etc. People were waking up to the truth, so they started full out censoring of main and social media so the corrupted system indoctrinated mind of the people would only hear the Beast system narrative. What used to be called conspiracy theories and those people labeled crazy for exposing the truth have been vindicated.

    The US BEAST Orwellian world is already here and Russia is just defending itself and borders from US 13 biological weapons labs in Ukraine experimenting on Russian DNA and creating DNA bioweapons, US missiles in Ukraine border pointing at Russia on multiple occasions, Ukraine stealing Russian gas and oil in Russian pipeline to Eastern Europe, US funded 2014 coop in Ukraine putting a US puppet at the helm, etc. etc.

    I suspect that Putin in order to protect Russia will eventually coordinate a joint attack with China, Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela and will device a special coordinated attack and release EMP atomic weapons (atomic bombs exploding 30 miles above Ukraine, Germany, England and US causing mass black outs), afterwards eventually leading to mass nuclear war detonations on land and military attack all over……World War 3, no doubt, and the inevitable human over population depopulation.

    All do to human greed, bigotry, ego, perceived supremacy by US and its controlled allies, as well as many of US bigot ego driven people. I am concerned that I already predicted this years ago and its coming to pass, remote viewing and sensing………I hope I am wrong, but I see no other option for Putin, China, North Korea, and Iran and other oppressed nations to put the Beast in its place. This is the only way to finally stop the US and NATO covert aggressions, attacks and misinformation…….but, maybe there is another spreadsheet that could be written that could reconcile all the countries. But, I doubt it, knowing historical facts of broken agreements and broken promises. These are very delicate times, but foretold and foreseen. Russia might end up being the savior of what little human population remains on Earth, and those that survive…. some might be in the process of becoming Trans-humans. Very few free thinking humans with an ability to analyze and deduce the truth without letting ego and bigotry cloud their judgement…..very few humans. A new society can be born of the rubbles. I do not see God and aliens allowing many of the human specie to continue its destructive and bigot egotistical nature, which entices a few to defend themselves, like in this case of Russia. Egotistical bigot Humans have created a vert toxic environment, threatening other bio diversity of life struggling to survive, and threatening other ethnic groups which are driven to defend themselves from oppression / covert vandalism and attacks. In my sincere view, The Earth and other biodiversity of life and environment will be better off if a transition takes place on Earth.

  2. Thanks for the truth. Unfortunately, most of the world only know the western msm version. Wish we could educate everyone

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