[WEB EXCLUSIVE] Former F B I Director Comey Tweets The Dumbest Thing Ever – And It Reveals A Lot

  1. “My favorite storage closet” Hehe.

    I love how you think. How you relentlessly challenge their premiseses/propaganda/fucking bullshit. You fill the void left by Carlin.

    And fabulous ending: Stop fucking acting like McCarthy! Bam! Nailed em in the nuts.

    I’ve come to realize the world is owned & run by Whores, Assholes &/or Idiots. And the rest of us are hiding under our beds or in storage closets.

    Your art is my antidote.

  2. What a sh*t-show that X-FBI director Comey generates. It’s no wonder the system we live under is so broken.
    Christoper Columbus found America by accident. He was trying to find an alternative spice route to India and got lost. When he saw the First Nations folks, he had assumed he reached India. What a schmuck.
    He needed to find an alternate route to India because even in those days, there was a sh*t-show going on in the Middle East that made it lethal for European folk to travel thru it towards India.
    And Lawrence Draper commenting on gangstalking. That happens up here in Canada too. I got them “small minded” community stalkers in my town, who drive around, take your picture and text to the “uniforms” details of the stalked persons whereabouts.

    With Walmart starting this facial recognition camera bullsh*t a while back, it’s common that most stores, malls, churches, taxicabs etc are tracking a “hotlist”.
    Ya get use to lowlifes following, and your powerless to change it until the laws of the land are revised enough to prosecute the gangstalkers.
    Pizza & Beer

  3. As Lee Camp would say, “I’m loving it, rubbing it all over myself”…. the truth that is. Can’t get enough, since there is so little out there. So a big Mahalo.

  4. I love your commentary. Said by a 71 year old woman who has fervently followed politics for 60 years. Most of my elderly girl friends are lock step Dems or lock step Repubs. Talking to most of them is like trying to teach algebra to Kindergarteners. Keep up the good work. A loyal fan, Suzy

  5. Love you Lee… Thank you for your truthful responses to what is happening in the world.. I am praying for you.. Be safe.. By the way I am not a christian.. Just know prayer works..

  6. Thanks Lee. By the way, ewe boob toob has been censoring all things “RT” , including your redacted tonight.
    The message displays the following
    “Unfortunately, you tube has stopped”

  7. Amazing! Such passion and clarity and brilliance. Thank you for sharing. True. Ego puts names on buildings, not character.

  8. Thank you for being the last, unbiased news source left standing. Please be careful, we need you to continue being the single, solitary voice of reason- crying out in a wilderness of just plain bat-shit insanity!

  9. Thank you for almost single-handedly showing the world that America is not entirely populated by ignorant sociopaths.

  10. Lee, try being gangstalked and harassed everyday by the neo trash Nazis in my neighborhood who are aided and abetted by the gang in blue. You come close to describing how this country is a fascist s…hole, but it’s actually worse than you know.

  11. Right on Lee- just keep it up. Keep up the pressure on the propaganda that’s being disseminated through the corporate owned media. Every day you blast em, and I’m lovin it.

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