Tree Protester Reveals Why She Risks Arrest

  1. Lee Camp still appears to be the only “Leftist” alt-media truth-teller who seems to have any genuine environmental concerns and who dares to express those concerns to his audiences. All the other leading Leftist alt-media hosts are either fake-green, fickle-green or anti-green and know that most of their viewers hate hearing pro-planet green-talk especially if electric cars are mentioned and applauded – and many viewers and subscribers will ditch their Youtube channels in disgust – as in “Bloody eco-warrior – get a life !” (…or similar)
    Paul G

  2. i love my cats and wild cats, wolves, bears, racoons, et al – I am a Water Sign and love aquatic Animals like otters, seals, dolphins, whales, Apex fish to smelt – if the little ones even exist any more. – I LOVED and still do – TREES and have since I was a little child – The smell of the Forests is the best fragrance next to the smell of the Earth after it rains. I always wonder why I rage so much – I’ve come to the conclusion that because of what I “feel” too many horrific things are occurring and I feel it and it pisses me off. Humans are dumb if they care more for inanimate objects than live Beings ~ they are missing out on who they truly are – they forgot who they are for this I am sorry for them
    I loved ‘To The Trees’ …Thank you Eleanor, even though I’ve yet to see up close, live Sequoia;
    I sobbed and was silent for hours because you brought things out in this film that I did not know. Bless you.
    Love to you both and your little one as well !
    Peace and Blessings ~0~
    Monica K in Colorado

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