Top 10 Steps To Unrig The Primaries (Web Exclusive)

  1. After going through massive hoops to get re-registered as a Dem after DemExiting in 2016, I FINALLY received the correct (California) ballot. As a Dem Abroad, I can vote in that primary in Luxembourg- in person. Sooooo, the question is: do I risk mailing in my ballot to Cal or do I vote in person in the less pivotal Dems Abroad primary?

  2. Bloomberg is my big worry. The scenario I imagine is Sanders continues to win, but not by huge margins as Warren trails behind, splitting the progressive vote. Pete eventually fizzles, but Biden fails to surge, splitting the anybody but Bernie vote. Bloomberg swoops in with the big money and presents himself as the billionaire Democrat solution to Trump and the DNC rallies behind him. So it is big money vs big money in the most brazen manner.

    Your last piece of advice is the best–voting is the least you should to, not the most.

  3. You are right on . I am debating whether or not to share this because it would lead to an all out attack by the vote blue group of friends. I am going to think about it for a while. So glad you controlled your language. I understand you anger but if the desire is to inform people, leaving the expletives out helps.

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