“This Video Is For Rich People Only” – MOC #65

  1. hey,whatabout ..”chafed udders”…holy shit.!!.i am impressed..wait a minute,that wasn’t a subliminal advertisement for Bag Balm was it…?…ahh no way,who would have any use for Bag Balm in online political comedic circles..eh? Though it has been shown to be very effective for dry hands,feet and well,udders..occasionally as a sexual lubricant,or so i’ve been told…available where ever fine moisturizers are sold or your neighborhood lawn&garden supply,Pet stores(but,who really keeps a cow for a ‘pet..?..) and men’s bathrooms in transit authority subway stations…who knew.?

  2. Hey Lee,

    They’ll have to pry pool noodle out of my cold dead hands!!


  3. We, the american family, need to go back to one income. Do away with ERA if we have to, but, get the mothers back in homes to raise the next soldiers, teachers, researchers, engineers, caring politicians, laborers, thinkers & doers. Excellence start at the early years. If we want to better the society & have people thinking for themselves, we need mothers to be waiting for the children from school with a warm hug & meals on the table. need to have them iron the cloths, see to the home works & ………….. It is different when the kids are picked up from some day care center & fed a drive in happy meal on the way home or worse yet to another baby sitter. Mothers play the utmost important role in forming the next generation & their love, care & sacrifice will have a direct impact on “our” future.

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