They Actually Admitted They’re Lying To You! [News + Comedy]
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  1. Oh Lee…..with all my heart and soul I’ve been desiring to leave the USA with my dog now for many years and move to either Ecuador or Madeira Island, Portugal. I am more aligned with those cultures than with the USA system indoctrinated Americans and the despicable covert operands and control of the USA . I can live in an updated modernized mountain cave house with lake and aqueduct inside in either of these two countries just fine.

    Madeira Island is a beautiful self sufficient island which grows its own foods, wines, build their own clay pottery, has all materials to build their own rock homes, has hardly NO crimes, respectful and creative population and culture, has good public healthcare as well as an affordable private healthcare as well, clean fresh water aqueducts and inside the mountains rivers, springs and lakes, etc and most all the basic needs for a thriving sustainable life. Madeira’s population and culture respects Nature, biodiversity of other life forms, they keep human population in balance with Nature and other life forms/ animals, sustainability as well as creativity, has fertile soil, and clean fresh non toxic oxygen filled atmosphere and clean waters (unlike the USA) and they don’t war for control or profit, nor steal other countries resources to keep for themselves (like the USA does).

    Trailing behind is Ecuador, basically they grow bananas and food crops, also make their own clay pottery, have rivers, good public healthcare system, affordable priced housing, indigenous markets based on cash transactions of any amounts paid through US currency of $20.00 bills….meaning….there is limited digital bank currency that can be confiscated by totalitarian governments and banks if you protest against the government for any reason. Canadian truckers who gathered and protested against the government vaccine mandates, their bank accounts were frozen and confiscated by the order of Canadian President Justin Trudeau. Trudeau ordered the confiscation of all protesting truckers bank accounts…..which means in Canada and USA civilians are controlled slaves of COVERT totalitarian Government, Government agencies and Corporations.

    That is what implementation of full bank digital currency will do…..further control and ENSLAVE the human (666). Ecuador most always will retain Cash transactions and never go full blown digital do to the nature of its indigenous culture and inherit freedoms. Unlike corporate and bank owned Western countries like the USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, Britain, France preparing for full blown digital currency and the further enslavement and control of the disposable human sheeple.

    So….One of the things I desire to come to fruition in my life is to be able and afford to leave the Belly of the Beast = The USA and afford to live in a better sustainable country and restoring good health by living in a non corrupted medical healthcare system based on cures. While the US corrupted medical system is based in keeping people sick and pushing toxic pharmaceutical drugs and toxic vaccines to increase profits and never releasing the tucked under the table already known cures .

    God and extra terrestrial Aliens and Inter – Dimensional beings…………I ask your assistance to help me and my dog together leave the USA with the aim as indicated above. P.S….I dislike the despicable, easily manipulated and destructive human specie as a whole, and I specially dislike corrupted system indoctrinated, dumbed down, often bigot and supremacist, humans living in Western Nations……..P.K come see me ….I need you, where are you? (P.K. is an Indian movie about extra terrestrial arriving on Earth and its encounters with the despicable humans).

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