“The TRUTH About The RNC and Hurricane Isaac” – MOC #167

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  1. Sadly, Steven, judges ARE chosen by political parties. So are lieutenant governors and others in charge of election law. Secondly, these laws DO NOT affect every type of person equally. For example, minorities in Ohio are much more likely to take advantage of early voting because they are more likely to have all-day jobs, meaning they cannot get to the polls on a Tuesday. The right wing has pushed to get rid of early voting because they know this. They do not want to make it easy for minorities to vote. The goal of EVERYONE in EVERY PARTY should be to allow EVERYONE to vote. THAT’S what a true democracy stands for.

  2. racist law enforcement officers and juries aren’t chosen by political parties, and the same things are illegal for everyone whether they are white or black. time to stop playing the race card, seriously

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