The Ruling Elite Love This Crisis! [VIDEO]

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  1. Thank you again Lee Camp! I’m glad you spoke about the looming threats to public education. Public school teaching is one of the finest things anyone could do with their lives. It’s not a career that necessarily lasts forever, but the years anyone can do it well must be protected. The government has been making it beyond oppressive for decades, partly due to the fact that it’s been dominated by women & kids can’t vote nor are taxpayers. Yet, with enough children out of school and in the 24/7 care of their parents many eyes might be opened to just how much kids need throughout the course of a day to thrive. We have to take a look at the value of a public school education… this quarantine could backfire in the face of this administration if society starts to look closer at the whole institution.
    Again, you’re a real treasure and thanks RT too.

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