“The Endless Fight For Control Of Our Consciousness” – MOC #200

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  1. Excellent art, congratulations. I am in agreement with Patricia. We all condemn the faronization of women in Muslim countries, but continue to do two things in this country which strike some of us as equally barbaric: 1) We cut the most sensitive skin off a baby’s penis without their permission and for no good medical reason (sorry, the preventing uterine cancer rumour was false). No wonder men have to wham and bam – they’ve been desensitized. Thank God I wasn’t cut. Let a teenager make the decision on their own.

    2) We cut the baby’s umbilical cord before they’re done with it. The baby’s first feeling is lack – it takes a few minutes for the lungs to begin to process oxygen into the blood. The baby needs its own cord for at least that long to make a smooth transition. No wonder we have a credit card consuming culture – we start with lack. We’ll know we’re on the road to a saner society when midwives are paid more than bnk presidents – their job is much more important.

  2. Congratulations on 200 Lee. I am up here in Canada and our Govt. is not much better. It is sickening how they side with America on this war because they have no balls to say no when U.S. comes asking. Not like they need any help it just looks good if Canada is on board and it makes me sick. As far as Howie Mandell goes he is Canadian and we got rid of him and never want him back. Pathetic no talent germaphobe. Ya right I bet he never cleans any of the money before he grabs it in his hot little hands. Look forward to seeing you again back in Canada. Keep fighting for sure it is just getting started. Good job Bud.

  3. My Fave of the 200- that one just after Wisconsin voted Scott Walker back in. I thought we were doomed but after hearing your rant my spirit was restored. I knew it was just one more detour from the road to ridding ourselves of the Koch brothers, the Tea Party, and right wing knuckleheads. Thanks Lee!

  4. congratulations, lee! and thank you, for 200 moments of clarity. have you ever thought about doing on about the insanity of cutting the foreskin off a baby?

  5. Hi Mr. Camp! 🙂

    I don’t wanna bore you with another compliment, as I’m pretty sure you get lots of that. I’m not from the US, but as someone who’s also sick of all the crap around us, all I wanna say is that I envy you, for transcending the fear of publicly hating and bashing the people in power. And I also envy the fact that you can rant like that without feeling uncomfortable. I wish I had that kind of outlet. Thank you for setting a good example… for all the people who choose to just shut up. 🙂


  6. Attaboy Lee! Congrat’s on the 2-oh-oh

    Your particular combination of humour and insight is an inspiration to us all.


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