Second Review of My New Album “Chaos For The Weary”

Whoa, I’m thrilled to have been reviewed by the popular comedy blog “Whiskey and Skittles.” Below are the Cliffs Notes of the review. The full article can be found here –

“From time to time, you hear a new comedy album or see a new comedy special on TV from a comic that changes the game. Louis C.K. comes to mind in recent years, George Carlin and Bill Hicks in years past. When these comics come along, they remind you that comedy is alive and well. They remind you that you don’t have to sit at home and be forced to settle for mediocre comedy. And for comics, along with all of the above, they make you want to be a better comic. Well, that time has come around again with the release of Chaos For The Weary from Lee Camp.”

“It isn’t just mindless dick jokes and bullshit pop culture references to feed the sheep that flock to a lot of the comedy that exists today. It is genuinly funny stuff that makes you think. And the jokes come rapid fire and almost all hit 100%.”

“He is politically minded but not on a soap box and knows how to use pop culture to his advantage without it just being a shitty reference. I honestly cannot say enough good things about the album. I have struggled to find something shitty about it after a few listens through and I just can’t. And I fucking tried.”

To purchase the album or listen to samples, go here –

To read a second review from Punchline Magazine, go here –

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