BREAKING: Rep. Cori Bush + Others Say They Will Not Leave Steps of Congress Until The Eviction Moratorium Is Renewed – It’s Time to Expand The Demands

  1. And btw: it wouldn’t cost the mortgage lenders anything, since they would have to throw away the principal anyway.
    People understand the outrage of the fact that banks create money out of nothing. But what’s more of an outrage is that they destroy it as well. We are all on a monetary treadmill.

  2. In other words, the entire economy functions as a wealth extraction mechanism for the money masters. Like a coffee percolator. Just keep pouring in hot water and out comes coffee. The grounds are expendable.
    If money was allowed to circulate “rent-free” at the street level instead of going down the drain, it could synergise much needed rent-free economic production. If landlords only owed the interest on their mortage loans, they could drastically reduce their rent. etc…

  3. You should mention the real scandal behind it all. THe principal on all bank loans (i.e. 100% of the money in circulation) is destroyed as the loans are paid off. This is why the TBTF banks have to keep loaning us more money: the money goes down the drain when it hits main street

  4. More lip service from Cori Bush? There is no one there to occupy. They’ve gone on vacation , the only thing being occupied are some steps. So tired of these “progressive” congress persons showing up after the fact. They knew this eviction crisis was coming all along and yet they didn’t do shit.

  5. I just got eviction notice the other day I have to be out of my storage on August 22nd and I’ve been there for 20 years paying rent faithfully for 20 years because the property line moved down the middle of my storage barn is there something I can do to avoid losing everything I own

  6. This picture is worth so much: A black Congresswoman standing out as one of the very few Democrats moved to action on
    the eviction moratorium, about to be grilled, no doubt, by a white Republican brat seething over the welfare warrior she has been
    assigned by CNN to try to embarrass. I bet she won’t get that routine corporate chore done. The embarrassment belongs to the money structure of the United States. Best wishes, Congresswoman Cori Bush.

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