Redacted Tonight VIP #223 – How To Achieve Societal Transformation And Save The World

The battle to save humanity from itself is on and Lee Camp’s guest this week has some ideas on how we should go about that. John C. Boik is an author and the founder of the Principled Societies Project. They’re developing the Local Economic Direct Democracy Association (LEDDA) framework.
  1. I heard your Redacted VIP. The people has to stop Klaus Schwab and the WEF and the Great Reset by putting all the blame on the WEF and it’s clown prince.

  2. I skimmed part of this guy’s first article, but I lost patience. Maybe it’s because I just completed a graduate degree and there’s not one person in academia I knew that I’d trust to define vitality or intelligence in a way I’d agree with, let alone what comprises an intelligent society (survival and florishing is not necessarily always the best outcome, which is why the body aborts some fertilized eggs…) This guy’s perspective is pure logic, and joy is not even mentioned. The report states that “…it would be unwise to encourage or expect unnatural behaviors (for example, excessive altruism).” So, would the practices of non-accumulation (like the potlatch) by indigenous peoples in North America in 1600 be considered as unnatural, since they are so foreign in the dominant society today? And look what happens to nations in Central and South America that experiment with socialism and are crushed by the US/global elites before they pose a challenge to their power. The 10 percent want the rest of us to die, and depopulation is probably part of their long-term climate change mitigation strategy. When they don’t need our labor (and that day is coming faster than we know) they won’t need us. If the 90 percent understands THAT there could be real change, but it will probably be too late.

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