Redacted Tonight #89- Legal Prostitution, Robot Uprising, Criminal Abortions, & More [Comedy&News]

In this Episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee tackles the stigma behind prostitution. Then we review the most important news hits of the week including: the latest in election news, Pennsylvania’s cop cam ruling, and Chesapeake Energy’s indictment. Naomi Karavani explains the Supreme Court’s hearings on Planned Parenthood. Also – John F. O’Donnell breaks down the failings of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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  1. Hi Lee, good point on prostitution. In New Zealand we decriminalised prostitution, and it has been OK. But sex workers still get treated poorly. They still have pimps, the gangs are still involved, and violence against sex workers is still a reality. Wages have fallen as well, although that just could be because we have a crazy right wing government in power. I think a lot of action needs to happen to make prostitution a safe environment. Silly question, why does no one ever mentions health and safety with sex workers?

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