Redacted Tonight #328 – World Water Scarcity SOLVED & Insulting Cops Is Now Illegal!

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2 responses to “Redacted Tonight #328 – World Water Scarcity SOLVED & Insulting Cops Is Now Illegal!”

  1. Jho blho says:

    What’s this garbage, Lee? First the interview with John Voight, then bitcoin cheerleading, and now this. CAPITALISM is the reason why water is allocated unequally. Especially in arid regions where water allocations are based on seniority rights, like in CA, where just this past year you, yes even you can now partipate in a water futures market. Trading water futures on Wall St, yeah that will take care of everything… And the most senior rights-holders will tell you about design, conservation, etc. as long as you don’t question water managed as a type of property (usefructory) right, or capitalism itself. Lee, you know better. Are you a disinformation agent or what?

  2. steve rogers says:

    Those people squatting on other peoples land could be made to pack up and return to where they came from, Jordan would get its water back.
    Pakistan is also with holding water from flowing downstream so anyone further down the river from them, gets nothing.
    world is just full of…..ARSEHOLES!!

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