Redacted Tonight #297 – Don’t Defend the Statues or Fake Police Reforms

  1. Eastern european weapons pipeline was exposed by Serena Shim who was later murdered for exposing the TURKEY-NATO-ISIS connection. Also an expert related to Daniel Ellsberg says that the CIA loves to play with sarin gas. A UN investigation of the Syrian invasion showed conclusively that Assad did NOT do the first gas attack used to justify invasion. Assad did NOT make chlorine barrel bombs. I found sanity on that when reported that one of those wackjob CIA militias had bought 20 tons of chlorine over there. When there’s around a billion of loose cash sloshing around, you can put just about any paramilitary stunt together you want and then blame it on whoever you want. Lie lie, lie lie, lie, lie lie, lie, lie, lie, lie. . . on and on and on. . . .

  2. Agreed. If you understand foreign policy and the way the US wages war, you knew from the start that Assad would not do the one thing which would trigger a US attack. It made no sense from day one.

  3. When I read the first headline about Assads chemical attack in a newspaper i I wrote immediately on Facebook. Assad did not drop a chemical bomb. There is no need to investigate the matter. All you need ois to know something about American politics. I was proved right.

  4. FYI…I am also a descendant of Robert E. Lee. ,
    and I say…tear down that fu*king statue!! I’m
    embarrassed by the connection.

  5. Albert Pike authored The Freemason book on policies and dogma.
    Another reason to trash him.

  6. I would like to see a statue of Dr. Martin Luther King.
    There is a statue of Chief Seattle in Seattle.
    I would like to see a statue of Pocahontas.

    There is a statue of the Beatles in Liverpool.
    How about statues of our most loved Musicians and Artists?

  7. Statues Worthy of being torn down=
    *Albert Pike Was 1 of the founders of the KKK!!! The Ku Klux Klan, the Southern Confederacy, and the pre-Civil War secession movement were a single, continuous project, with
    Pike’s “Scottish Rite” at its center.

    *Robert E. Lee broke his oath to the U.S. Constitution and killed thousands of loyal Americans. He was a traitor and an enemy of the USA.
    If you have pledged allegiance to the USA and love this country, why would you revere someone who tried to destroy it?
    >Please ask that of any trump Cultists, or blind follower.

    *John C. Calhoun of South Carolina: Free Trader, Secessionist, Champion of Slavery and Nullification, and Another Historical Figure Who Does Not Deserve the Honor of a Statue.

    On the contrary, a statue worthy of Keeping is, =
    Ulysses Grant. He led Union armies including 200,000 black soldiers that crushed slavery at cost of 400,000 dead-Lee’s surrender at Appomattox ended slavery, the news that #Juneteenth celebrates- Ulysses Grant sent troops to suppress KKK-
    Keep his statues, and
    remove Confederates!

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