Redacted Tonight #297 – Don’t Defend the Statues or Fake Police Reforms

6 responses to “Redacted Tonight #297 – Don’t Defend the Statues or Fake Police Reforms”

  1. Lee Camp says:

    Agreed. If you understand foreign policy and the way the US wages war, you knew from the start that Assad would not do the one thing which would trigger a US attack. It made no sense from day one.

  2. Felix says:

    When I read the first headline about Assads chemical attack in a newspaper i I wrote immediately on Facebook. Assad did not drop a chemical bomb. There is no need to investigate the matter. All you need ois to know something about American politics. I was proved right.

  3. Corbett Brattin says:

    FYI…I am also a descendant of Robert E. Lee. ,
    and I say…tear down that fu*king statue!! I’m
    embarrassed by the connection.

  4. Ana Andrade says:

    Albert Pike authored The Freemason book on policies and dogma.
    Another reason to trash him.

  5. Nylene13 says:

    I would like to see a statue of Dr. Martin Luther King.
    There is a statue of Chief Seattle in Seattle.
    I would like to see a statue of Pocahontas.

    There is a statue of the Beatles in Liverpool.
    How about statues of our most loved Musicians and Artists?

  6. Iris says:

    Statues Worthy of being torn down=
    *Albert Pike Was 1 of the founders of the KKK!!! The Ku Klux Klan, the Southern Confederacy, and the pre-Civil War secession movement were a single, continuous project, with
    Pike’s “Scottish Rite” at its center.

    *Robert E. Lee broke his oath to the U.S. Constitution and killed thousands of loyal Americans. He was a traitor and an enemy of the USA.
    If you have pledged allegiance to the USA and love this country, why would you revere someone who tried to destroy it?
    >Please ask that of any trump Cultists, or blind follower.

    *John C. Calhoun of South Carolina: Free Trader, Secessionist, Champion of Slavery and Nullification, and Another Historical Figure Who Does Not Deserve the Honor of a Statue.

    On the contrary, a statue worthy of Keeping is, =
    Ulysses Grant. He led Union armies including 200,000 black soldiers that crushed slavery at cost of 400,000 dead-Lee’s surrender at Appomattox ended slavery, the news that #Juneteenth celebrates- Ulysses Grant sent troops to suppress KKK-
    Keep his statues, and
    remove Confederates!

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