Redacted Tonight #173-Assault On The Internet, Egypt, Cuba, & Workers’ Rights

Lee Camp visits our favorite tropical enemy as the current US administration considers reinstating a Cold War-era blockade on Cuba. While corporate media report on human trafficking in Libya, they forget seem to have forgotten who is responsible. Lee also report on the recent terror attack in Egypt, a protest against fracking, and a possible holiday-season strike at UPS. Then, correspondent John F. O’Donnell saves us from defeat over net neutrality and correspondent Natalie McGill explains the reemergence of the plantation in the American economy – for parties.

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Redacted Tonight #324 – Mass Censorship Gutting Indy Journalists

Digital censorship grows and it sets a bad precedent for the future of independent media sources that question the official narratives of the ruling class. Liberal apologists for these steps to shut down dissent are celebrating the suppression of some conservative voices. But they'll be in for a shock when they realize that the intelligence community will save its harshest oppression for anyone who thinks that society can do better than the neoliberal capitalist order we live under.