Redacted Tonight #140-Deep State Destroys Privacy, Health Care Run By Parasites, Easy Answer To Global Crisis

Lee Camp uses details from the CIA leaks to to tell us what remains of our privacy in the surveillance state. As technology advances we will have to be more vigilant of our rights in the weirdest ways ever imaginable. Then Lee reveals the more egregious parts of Trumpcare that no one is talking about. Why exactly are 20 million at risk of losing coverage?
Correspondent Naomi Karavani reveals new developments in climate change science that are being ignored by weather reporters, despite extreme weather that’s destroying people’s lives. Finally, correspondent Natalie McGill delves into the most important federal civil rights case since Brown v. Board of Ed in 1954. Historically Black Colleges and Universities are losing funding, as state university systems are overlooking their importance. This and more on Redacted Tonight

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