Redacted Tonight 136-We Are Subsidizing Our Death, Net Neutrality Under Attack, Sanctuary Cities On The Rise

Lee Camp covers some of the latest awful cabinet picks the Donald Trump presidency has made. Lee extrapolates from there to get into the systemic concept of “externalizing costs.” It’s when aspects of production are paid for by someone else, usually the people of a country to the benefit of the corporation. Lee also discusses a new movement called #DemEnter. It involves real progressives taking over the lower levels of the Democratic party. In the second half of the show, correspondent Natalie McGill joins Lee to discuss how the USDA, under Trump’s order, recently scrubbed animal welfare inspection reports from their website. This means considerably less protection for animals who are abused. Finally, correspondent Naomi Karavani files a report breaking down the complicated phenomena known as “Sanctuary Cities.” All of this on latest episode of Redacted Tonight!

  1. I attended the taping of this show last week – with a great thirst for truth and light and it was well worth the trek to DC. I watch you but the Redacted experience Live is an amazing rush of positive energy and en-LIGHT-enment in this thick orange haze daze. KUDOS to you young Light-bearers your wisdom, wit and courage inspire great hope for our future. I was in need and left quite renewed and refreshed. Thank you. BTW my daughter lives in Arizona and I saw a lot of requests for you to visit there. Please do I am sure she would be in attendance. You and your crew made this old lady proud. And it was great meeting and talking to your mom.

  2. Maybe it’s the deep state, but RT is no longer broadcast OTA here in Philly and this site isn’t showing the episode. Every time I try to watch it on youtube or, the connection breaks! Are the trump/tea party types really getting a stranglehold on alternative NEWS, and replacing it with alternative facts?

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