[REDACTED] Cannabis Revolution, Billions In Weapons, Activists Beat Chemical Giants

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  1. Maggie… Look to load Linux Ubuntu as a second operating system. It’s a lot easier than you think!

    LEE… All of your shows are wonderful, but I’m always extra pleased when seeing our sacred Cannabis shine her light of Truth onto the bullshit hiding in the darkness. Thank you for being the vessel of Truth for her today.

    Peace, Love, Blessed Bee! ~(the future Dr) THC

  2. Two years ago I almost died from the after effects and build-up of on going Oxycodone from the VA. I stopped taking the pharm-med and tried the Herb cannabis, and it has been a very effective natural medication for my PTSD and Chronic Pain from a substantial spinal injury. This Herb, cannabis, should never have been illegal and must be taken off any government “scheduled drug” connection.

  3. I don’t smoke weed but I grow it, it is a beautiful plant. I know a few folks who have been helped with CBD or smoking it. It has helped with pain, sleep disorders, PTSD. I also love ANYTHING that takes away from big Pharma.

  4. Another Choice show You Guys!
    Thanks not tanks! (?)

    One point (I think is) worth noting;

    We all hear (and report) about stuff like, as in this Redacted Tonight edition, the cost of government spending on the military.

    Now, I’m no way justifying any spending on war.

    What we need to get clear on and make it known to audiences, is that costs always rise.

    So billions for war, was once, perhaps a long time ago, only millions.

    Because our money typically devalues over time, so more amounts are needed to buy the same product (or service, etc, rah blah rah).

    So what the govt spent in say 2003 on their Iraq war for example;
    ” ….. in early 2008, we put the total cost to the United States of the Iraq war at $3 trillion. This price tag dwarfed previous estimates, including the Bush administration’s 2003 projections of a $50 billion to $60 billion war.Sep 5, 2010″ off the website
    “The true cost of the Iraq war: $3 trillion and beyond” – Washington Post

    whether 50, or 60 billion as estimated by the deranged GW Bush admin, or whether closer to “$3 trillion”, as money devalues, to stated cost increases, and more in proportion to the devaluation than any increased buying of more and more and more weapons.

    Nobody picks up on that relatively important statistical factor, but all, or most-all news media which bothers, sensationalize an (inaccurate!) increase in spending.

    This isn’t restricted to military costs. It is a statistical point not recognized in reports on any financial expenditure.

    Like, in the 1960s my realtor mum would sell 1/4 acre blocks for 10 Australian pounds. But of course now a block the same size costs 100s of thousands of “pounds” latterly dollars.

    Because 1, land is the most speculated-upon “commodity” (which ti should not be classified as) but 2, because the value of our money has reduced by thousands of times since the 1960s.

    In the early 1970s I could buy a bag of “french fries” for 5cents. Now, five dollars! (I think – I don’t each ’em now!)

    Get me?

    This is a factor we need include when reports come in on “THIS WAR COSTS TAXPAYERS MORE!”

    Again, don’t misread me.

    What could be interesting would be for someone to do a comparison on this “devaluing currency” factor in any “rising cost-of-living”, or “rising war expenses” etc, and whether, what our dollar buys now compared to what it bought 10, 20 or more years ago, changes what and how we (you) report on such money-matters.

    What this might suggest, is that someone does an investigative report on “what makes money devalue?”

    And, what can be done to stop that from happening.

    I know of course there’s lots of influential factors like international trade, and whether one nation’s leader likes or gets offended by another one, etc.

    But, neverthele$$…! If we’re to find the basic truths about money, about economies, and about why the CoL is sending millions into poverty, we might need find how to make money stable?

    Rah blah raaaah!

    NEVER $urrender!


  5. The spurious ‘War on Drugs,’ is: (A) A ridiculously profitable (for some few) BUSINESS venture; (B) A Civil War-Crime, an act of manifest Official Disobedience, defying Public Order, disregarding the Rule of Law (see Amend’t IX), and deftly evading any common Sense; (C) The very best thing that has happened, Ever, to Organized Crime, and Hell on the Innocent; (D)…and, otherwise, not working, noticeably, worth a God Damn….now that you mention it… And THANKS, AS ALWAYS, TO LEE CAMP!!

  6. I have been smoking pot for 48 years now. Between my cousin and I we have been growing our own for 40 of those. I am so glad that in another 30 days I will no longer be a criminal in my country. By the way neither of us have ever eaten babies (although the odd babe) or murdered anyone.

  7. The war on drugs is immoral, expensive and ineffective. It’s time to stop it. Let’s follow the example of Portugal.

  8. I used to work as a paramedic for the concerts. in Chicago. We were so happy when we had the “weed” crowds, we would go all night without being called out. Then we’d have the drinking crowds and it would be crazy, injuries and fights all night. Once a cop came in and said, just want to warn you guys we busted a guy selling moonshine to the kids out there…. and he had 900 bucks in his pocket. Sure enough, every garbage can had a kid with his/her head stuck in it and we were calling parents all night. BTW, after 30 yrs on a municipal ambulance, at least 95% of all tragedies, were somehow related to alcohol consumption; from crashes, to the guy who beat his chick, or worker who drilled his leg, to the mom who left the kids to go to the bar. Never once, not in 30 yrs, was I called out for a marijuana related emergency, unless of course it was mixed with other drugs.

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