Redacted #290 – How Trump Will Win Reelection

7 responses to “Redacted #290 – How Trump Will Win Reelection”

  1. Daryl Morris says:

    The twitter share hyperlink is not preloaded reduces share activity.. The google+ button tells me it is no longer available to anyone using a personal account..

  2. Lee Camp says:

    Thanks Mots!

  3. D. says:

    Great show Lee!
    Have you watched the HBO documentary Kill Chain?…
    This doc reveals that it has been proven conclusively that all Voting Machines can be hacked and how elections are rigged.

  4. Mots says:

    Lee, this was one of the funniest videos you have done…… perhaps it was less scripted?
    anyway, thanks much
    best regards from the Japan Islands

  5. Kevin says:

    He just bought his reelection

  6. Thank you Lee for having the Giant Balls to reveal the nasty little secret of American democracy: We don’t count all the votes–and millions of Americans jacked out of their vote. Thank you for breaking the omert√† of this anti-democratic cabal we call a two-party system.

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