Redacted #287 – Bernie’s Endorsement & Will Things Ever Be The Same?

  1. Iris. Sorry but the MIR Professor is the last person I would respect their opinion. Since 1989 like the Senator from Vermont they have both been trying to herd progressive movements into the Blue no matter who camp. Its been a failure for decades now. The corruption on the left and right is now the worst I have ever seen. Now I vote my principles, pillars and values as a Green and work for We the People and not the corporate militarized state and it’s soft facism. We need a new paradigm and it sure is not not with scientific state sponsored socialism nor with uncontrolled capitalism.

    Left and right turns either way got us running off the road or across the double yellow line into oncoming traffic.

    There is no possibility I can support either. To be out in front means you stop playing their game and becoming awake.

    Thanks for your post though. As soon as I saw the headline I stopped reading it.

  2. Noam Chomsky Says Overriding Issue in November Is “Malignancy” in White House; Urges Unified Opposition Against “Devastating Catastrophe,” Telling “Never Biden” Camp to Study How KPD’s “Social Fascism” Line Helped Nazis to Power in Early 1930s; Argues That Voters Concerned About Fate of Civilized Life on Earth Should Vote for Biden Without Hesitating “For a Second”; Not Voting in a Swing State Is the Same as Voting for Trump; Rejects Alt-Left Strategy of Neutrality.

    ***Biden Is Clear and Viable Alternative to Dictatorship***
    Bernie Urges His Supporters to Join Him in Fighting to Oust Most Dangerous President in American History.

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