MOC #7 – Extreme Poverty Skyrocketing – But Why?

  1. So long as we accept that the acCounting unit (money) is something that must be created/issued by something other than the freely initiated activity of the populace then none of this changes. We can bitch that the elites have not created enough money or we can decide that we do not need the Magical Unit Creator in order for us to interact with each other and to have self governance and sustainable communities. As soon as communities accept genuine contributions of needed ‘value’ (either labor or goods) within the community book keeping system of ‘taxes’ (really just our responsibilities to each other), and these communities stop the insanity of making all taxes paid in the “coin of the realm” (legal tender declared by the imperialist) then things will change.

    As soon as communities declare that the monetary unit itself is nothing but a book keeping tool and is not a thing of value all by itself then the populace is free from the asinine preoccupation of looking for dollars and instead can see their genuine value contributions acCounted for in a proper system of acCounting. We The People Are The Money! What we do is what is to be acCounted. You do not have to go looking for some magical monetary unit first. The units are a function of and are created BY the doing itself!

    Every jurisdiction can make these resolutions and in doing so bring clarity where there has only been confusion:

  2. You want to live under a repressive Communist dictatorship? The evil PRC has completely eradicated extreme poverty, a condition in which 700 million Chinese lived 50 years ago. The Loess Plateau was a desert, after being over-farmed for centuries, but still populated with people who could not grow enough food to feed themselves, and the PRC spent 40 years until it is now fertile and producing enough food the farmers can feed themselves and have a lot left over to sell and have a decent living, with a decent home with A/C. What could possibly be worse?
    Not to mention Xinjiang (which most Western reporters cannot pronounce correctly) where the Muslims who only spoke Turkic languages were sent to Concentration Camps where they were taught Chinese (and other languages so they could get jobs as tourist guides) and job skills and who went from extreme poverty to middle-class jobs. Terrible. You want the US, the Greatest Country in the World, to descend to such a despicable condition???

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