Redacted #10 – Teaching your children to open carry, the execution of an innocent man, Sharknado and more

  1. Another fantastic episode, Lee. You guys are all in stride and making me laugh loudly on every episode. Plus it’s full of hard hitting information too. Can’t beat that with a stick! Love you, man. Keep it coming!

  2. Thanks for covering the death penalty again, Lee. I’ve heard you cover it numerous times but it never gets old. We really need to stop killing people. Nice to see you cover the prison industrial complex. One of the most egregious things about it that you might want to touch on the next time you cover it (I know this time the focus was race) is that the prison companies benefit financially if their inmates return to prison after serving their time. Rather than rehabilitate their inmates, the prison companies are financially incentivized to create a prison environment that releases individuals into society who are even more likely to commit crimes than before they went in. I got a kick out of beatnik poet JFOD. Apologies for the run-on paragraph. If there is a way to enter carriage returns in the comments, please let me know for next time. Thanks!

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