Podcast #97 – An hour with JANEANE GAROFALO!

  1. I can’t seem to get it to play. Am pleasantly blown away by you. So nice to hear you nail those greedy, scum suckkking MF’s to the wall. I am hopeless and disgusted by the corporate whoring politicians and the very successful dumb down, divide and conquer tactics of the co-whore-porate media that I often fantasize about moving to Central America before it’s too late. Thank you for speaking my mind.

  2. Hey Lee. You know what book you should read? A work that goes by the name of ‘The Cancer Stage of Capitalism’ By a great, brilliant man named John McMurtry. Really good stuff, I think you’d like and appreciate quite a bit. Peace man. Stay killin’ em’!!

  3. Lee Janeane said that she was confused on what ‘The Young Turks’ means, if you look it up in the dictionary it’s defined as,

    young Turk, young turk . any progressive person aggressively or impatiently advocating reform within an organization/government.

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