Podcast #97 – An hour with JANEANE GAROFALO!

7 responses to “Podcast #97 – An hour with JANEANE GAROFALO!”

  1. sherri quammen says:

    I can’t seem to get it to play. Am pleasantly blown away by you. So nice to hear you nail those greedy, scum suckkking MF’s to the wall. I am hopeless and disgusted by the corporate whoring politicians and the very successful dumb down, divide and conquer tactics of the co-whore-porate media that I often fantasize about moving to Central America before it’s too late. Thank you for speaking my mind.

  2. alia michelle says:

    omg, janeane got banned from msnbc? punk rock. i am so in love with her.

  3. leecamp says:

    Hey Mike, I believe you’re talking about “Let’s roll” by The Darlings. I love it as well.

  4. Mike Dettinger says:

    Whats the music beginning and end of this episode?

  5. Joe Sullivan says:

    Hey Lee. You know what book you should read? A work that goes by the name of ‘The Cancer Stage of Capitalism’ By a great, brilliant man named John McMurtry. Really good stuff, I think you’d like and appreciate quite a bit. Peace man. Stay killin’ em’!!

  6. Joe Sullivan says:

    Lee Janeane said that she was confused on what ‘The Young Turks’ means, if you look it up in the dictionary it’s defined as,

    young Turk, young turk . any progressive person aggressively or impatiently advocating reform within an organization/government.

  7. embi says:

    Janeane always amazes me with her eloquence. Fantastic podcast.

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