Podcast #83 – Pulitzer Prize winning author CHRIS HEDGES

  1. I’d love to hear this podcast, but it doesn’t seem to work anymore. Tried w/Chrome, IE, and FF.

  2. Thank you, Bob! I find that “geezers” who were activists in the 60’s and 70’s are the coolest people alive. So great to meet you. And yeah, your 4 ways out sounds just about correct. I fear it may take one of the ugly options to get people to the awareness. But I hope otherwise. Anyway, great to meet you. Thanks for leading the way years before I was born.

  3. kaa, kaa, phbtoooey, … wheezing in breath, … then, deep sigh
    You sir are like a breath of fresh air in a boy scout summer camp latrine the morning after soapy dishes the night before, sooooo sweet.

    What a great way to start a Sunday morning, eye can see more clearly after slamming your mockery against the altar of consumerism and its enthroned priestly bankster class.

    This old geezer picked a side in 71, and spent a life striking at the leaves and branches of the tree of evil, thinking he was already awake trying to wake others. Oh how easy it was to think you had won the war when you didn’t even understand the fight. We had LennyB, GeorgeC, and now it pleases me greatly seeing you and your generation bringing critical thinking and deep satire to the public psyche again.

    4 ways out


    pick one

  4. I so LOVE you, Lee Camp!

    I heard a highbrow financial reporter say that his buddies on Wall Street don’t understand why there is such a fuss. They don’t get it.

    Whenever a revolution means discomfort to the entitled, they first seek to marginalize it, as is happening now in the mainstream media. Then they all fight to affiliate with it if it becomes “popular”. Then they fight to stamp it out.

    You keep singing your tune about Occupy Wherever. This is a monumental signal to everyone sick of being sucked dry of every cent by those who feel entitled to be bailed out so they can keep their big salaries.

    Personally I say it’s time to pull the plug or cut the cord and start creating the next world, not giving what is not right, healthy and holy one red cent. I won’t invest my energy on fixing what has become fundamentally corrupted. Let’s take our energy, attention and money and create something new and better.

  5. Lee, no apologies needed. You’re doing what satirists have been doing since the word satire was invented—your voice is the clarion call for the times we are living through-you’re spot-on and frickin funny.
    marla miller

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