Podcast #342 – TPP Fast Track passes and House and much more…

  1. BTW I support the idea of you venting on your podcasts. Will’s right, you probably need it and only cool people would be listening. Lol

  2. Hey man. I’m a real fan, and I care. Don’t overwork yourself, Lee! I think people are finally starting to wake up, let others do some of the legwork too. You can’t save the world by yourself!

    There are a lot of caring people out there working everyday in their own way to better the world. I just wanted to thank you personally, man. You’re view on things is intelligent, informed, entertaining and 100% appreciated. I share every weeks episode.

    Don’t stress, you’re not alone out there in spreading the truth.

    -Charles Niswander II-

    (remember the name, you never know who might take the political world by storm someday! )

  3. the ad hoc equipment does NOT sound like sh*t, its still crisp, its fine. Being tired is also good, no problem for an informal occasion. The audio podcast isn’t expected to be another performance piece where now you’re putting out 3 shows for the price of one so you have to be “on” all the time. What if JFOD was right about about you guys using the backstage audio podcasts for your own emotional/ cathartic/ health reasons? Only real fans who care probably listen anyway so you know we’re down for it. Its better than lounging around post coitus spent just exited from the shower like Russel Brand, that sh*t seems hackneyed, overwrought.

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