Podcast #251[click here] – A world worse than Catch-22, Torture victims pay their torturers, more on Syria, more on the “end game” memo…

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1) Music by Lauren DiGioia – CLICK HERE

2) For more on the leaked Larry Summers “End Game” memo,  CLICK HERE

3) For more on hacking smart homes – CLICK HERE

4) For more on torture victims forced to pay their torturers – CLICK HERE

5) For more on Zimmerman threatening his wife- CLICK HERE

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  1. Wait…what?! you had a song contest?! Songs are the literally only thing I can do without poking myself in the eye!
    This is the first podcast I’ve ever listened to in my life. Seriously. (that I’m listening to only because one of my fans has been hackin’ on me to no end to do a podcast myself). So I figured I start here, cuz it’s the only pocast I’ve ever actually heard of, and I find out that I missed out on a contest that would have given me another chance at the glorious feeling of public rejection! Maybe I should switch my brand of coffee; I’m clearly snoozin.
    Sorry, Lee. Maybe next time.

  2. What a beautiful song!

    “Make Honey Not War” I would draw a goofy cartoon for that and submit it. I dunno if that’s your thing though I would wear the shit out of it haha. I have to go get one of those prepaid credit card dealios to get the apathy shirt.

  3. The tortured having to legally pay for their torture was so sad, when will we get to a point in our world where we stop blaming the victim…. it’s sick, wrong, and inhumane…

    p.s. I really don’t think you are anyone’s “bobble head doll,” lol… you are kick ass and independent and I, myself may need a few lessons on how to be rude, it’s hard for some people! lol … although standing face to face with say allen thicke or zimmermann wouldn’t have a problem with setting them straight!

    Awesome podcast… as always… thanks Lee! “Literally” lol 😉

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