Podcast #250 [click to play] – Inventions that could save the world, the leaked Summers memo, more on Syria, & the new feminist theme song

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  1. Oh also! If you are ever in Minnesota (have I bugged you this month about coming here yet? lol) but if you do ever make it over to Minnesota… Visit Duluth, MN it is a huge city but they are very anti-chain stores, pro-artisan their community is truly amazing.. they support pretty much ONLY local businesses.. they are also a very artsy and progressive community. Plus, the city is right on Lake Superior.. it is GORGEOUS there and the people know how to keep their community vitalized , intact, and supporting their own people. It is such a cool place! 🙂

  2. Yes farmers markets are a great place to get great food. I have gone almost completely organic this summer, but having my garden outside helped. I am planning on growing a bunch of veggies inside this winter but I have never done it before so I am hoping it works out because like you said it is hard to find good food that isn’t tainted with all that chemical crap and gmos on top of that! I am also gluten free because gluten? talk about bad for your brain! It has been linked to all kinds of physical and mental disorders (including schizophrenia, IBS, autoimmune disorders and a slew of other things) this is mainly because wheat gluten is toxic to your body. I have also tried to go as gmo free as I can, which I recommend to everyone.. if for no other reason than to kick Monsanto where it hurts!

    I know that certain veggies and fruits that are gmo or sprayed with chemicals have a different like serial number on them (PLU Code they are called) and the rule is:
    – If there are only 4 numbers on the code = non-gmo, pesticide use
    – Any code starting with 8 = gmo
    – Any code starting with 9 = non-gmo, no pesticide, organic

    But this system is optional apparently, so I would try to by only those with 9 starting in the code (or the 4 digit if you are ok with eating the pesticide sprayed food).

    I was talking to someone at the farmer’s market the other day asking if the food was organic and they said, “yes it is organic, but not ‘certified’ organic because it costs money to label things ‘organic.'” I find this ridiculous especially know that we know about all the hidden gmos in foods and they don’t have to label that shit..

    I personally have tried REALLY hard to eat as good as I possibly can, my position is after smoking for almost ten years.. I quit over a year ago and I’ll be damned if I get cancer because of the crap I eat.

    Some of the things I have learned on this journey to eat better:

    1. Buy organic when you can / Grow organic if and when you can
    2. Check the codes on the veggies / or ask the farmer you are buying the food from if it is non gmo or organic
    3. Read the labels! (Learned this going gluten free, get proficient at reading the labels) Be careful of anything that has the word “modified” in it (except modified starches usually means the bleaching process not gmo).
    4. I dropped all vegetable oil and now only use olive oil (just bought some coconut oil today though which is also good for you).
    5. Be careful about processed honey, apparently some of the main name brand stuff can add antibiotics into their honey (yuck). Honey is naturally like a cream color not the stuff we are used to (the clear gold), honey butter is probably a better bet.
    6. stay clear of corn syrup and sugar when you can (but you knew I’m sure).
    7. If you aren’t sure about an ingredient do the research, for example one of my most recent questions was about soy lectin and apparently lectin is good for your body it is the soy that is bad.. mainly because like corn, soy almost ALWAYS contains GMOs now.
    8. Foods I steer clear of:
    – gluten (toxin)
    – corn (mainly gmo now)
    – soy (mainly gmo now)
    – milk (need to watch out for the milk with the growth hormone in it and I have heard that a lot more people are allergic to dairy than people realize. Almond milk has like 50% more calcium that milk and it is just as good 🙂

    I don’t assume you do a lot of cooking or baking (but you should start if you have time, it makes your connection to the foods you eat that much stronger) and want to cut out some dairy.. applesauce (without added sugars) is a great substitute for butter for baking recipes! 🙂

    I know you are on the road a lot and live in the city so it is probably harder for you to find high quality stuff, unlike me out here in the country with farmers markets everywhere and land for a garden. But there are ways to keep your body mostly healthy and I think you deserve to feel great and not be plagued by what you “might be ingesting” all the time. I think this is another reason I am so passionate about getting Monsanto out of here because it is truly ridiculous and alot of people are in your position they don’t know, don’t have the time to research, or the money to go completely organic… not to mention cross contamination problems.

    I have been doing my food research for years on gluten and tons the last half a year concerning organic vs. non organic and gmo vs non-gmo. There are alot of healthy and great alternatives to the name brands we are all accustomed to (p.s. don’t eat kraft mac n cheese – gmo), it’s really just a matter of starting to read labels, get informed, and caring enough about yourself and your body to say, “you know what? I deserve better (mind and body) than to put that shit in my body and support douchebags like Monsanto.”

    Ok hope that wasn’t too “soap-boxy” like I said.. before I quit smoking I was all well I’m going to die anyway.. but after I quit.. my mentality shifted. I quit one of the biggest and comforting habits I had for my health and to eat foods that are toxic or bad for me, that are just as bad for my health was just illogical to me. And so it really is first finding a way for you personally to connect WHY it is so important for you to change your eating habits… for the better of your body and mind.. for me it was that I wasn’t about to get a bunch of cancer due to gmos or chemicals I eat, if I was going to quit smoking for not getting cancer then it only follows that I quit eating foods that cause it.

    And then the task becomes read labels, research ingredients you don’t recognize, go organic when you can, and fight against Monsanto and other food corps. who poison our foods.. and tell them to label their toxins.

    We’d like you to be around for awhile Lee.. treat your body and mind kind. oh also there are great sites and organizations out there that can help you figure out what to eat, where to shop etc.. one is http://www.nongmoproject.org/

    Good luck! I have tons of resources that I have compiled as well so let me know if you want them. 🙂

  3. Ok so my computer had a weird spaz attack so I’m not sure if this is posted twice. This is my favorite podcast you’ve done. I live across the hall from my best friend in the building she just came over and asked, “What the fuck are you laughing at? Holy Jesus I can hear you cackling over my music.”

    Some suggestions
    You can wash some of the waxs and outer pesticides off your fruits and veggies with apple cider vinegar. In my own observations the wax does seem to be more easily wiped off. You are probably really busy so when you go shopping wash most of your fruits and veggies right when you get home. If you cut em up put em in containers you don’t have to fiddle fuck around with it later.

    You can look up how you are supposed to store fruits and veggies online that helps cut down on crap you throw out.

    Community gardens and greenhouses are awesome. Usually stuff there isn’t heavily sprayed if at all. Cheaper veggies and its local. Also farmers markets are awesome. Those people tend to be really cool and have tons of information.

    I buy stuff with very few ingredients I try to stay away from shit that has like seventy-five things in it good for you or not I like to keep it simple.

    I shop at bulk stores a lot. In Canada we have a store called Bulk Barn I’m pretty sure it’s not as ethical as I would prefer buuuut I am bordering on food box territory most months and like you mentioned the whole ya gotta eat thing.

    I look at it all like harm reduction you wanna lil cancer or a lotta cancer? I don’t eat all organically I seriously can’t afford it. It’s like comedian Ron James says “I’m two missed mortgage payments away from shitting in a shoebox underneath the overpass.”

    I do the vegan thing I go way overboard with it though. I make my own shampoo toothpaste and makeup etc. its cheaper and I’m allergic to a lot of the sneaky little ingredients in products/food. I have a built in system I get hives immediately if I’ve used or eaten something I shouldn’t.

    Anyways those are my most helpful ideas that I practice on a regular basis. You will wanna do your own research I’m sure if that’s something you are into it’s not for everybody.

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