Podcast #244 – Fast food employees standing up, Zimmerman still crazy, the sounds of Scotland, and more…

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  1. while doing my (accounting) books, which is pure torture because i would rather be stabbed in the eyeballs with a butter knife, then do my books, i had the pleasure of listening to your comedic bad news and found some humor that made me laugh.

    for this, my gratitude.

    bob :c)

  2. Thank you! Funny you say this exactly one week after I taped a stand-up performance for the Canadian Comedy Network. It should air in a few months. You are right, Canada has more freedom on their airwaves. Thanks for the tip!

  3. The intro rant on thte Vatican is spot-on, but unfortunately, as much as I love listening to the Moment Of Clarity, the lean is too far toward one side or the other on some other issues. Civil liberties are not the end-all to promote an equatable society, and reason must be the guide by which issues are measures, not simply kneejerk, emotional reactions.

  4. Lee if you’re looking for a possible TV spot you’d probably have a better chance in Canada. As an example, Rick Mercer has been saying the exact same things that you say for years. The difference is that he actually gets paid to do it.

    As a couple examples,

    Internet spying: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmW1o6rzI7g&feature=share&list=PL03F32CB28BF4D712

    His rant from Feb 21, 2012….. do you think /you/ would have been able to get away with saying all that on air in 2012 in America? I’m guessing no.

    Or how about actually keeping an eye on Parliament to make sure they’re actually doing their job:


    Oct 21 2008

    I remember an investigative report from CBS news of all places showing how Congress was completely out of control. Violating the “One member one vote” rule, turning around to hit various peoples buttons and all that. Caught all this on camera because normally there’s no cameras on these people but they put one there. When they asked the speaker or chairman or whatever why he doesn’t stop them the speaker replied that he’d rather let them regulate themselves.

    Watch for yourself: http://youtu.be/hfhO38CPlAI

    Also from 2008, but in America. At least that’s the post date on youtube but either way.

    And then this one on government transparency: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlwVo9O6zto&feature=share&list=PL03F32CB28BF4D712

    Jan 27 2009

    Sure its not like somehow this means Canada is somehow immune to the corruption plaguing the whole world but it does mean that compared to America we’ve at least got an intellectual fighting chance still. A very tiny part of why we’re a bit slower to oligarchialize is because of the very mechanics of how our governmental system works which I’ll also let Mercer explain:


    So yes I would recommend contacting CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Or the producers of the “Rick Mercer Report” or “This Hour Has 22 Minutes” As those places would fit your style of political comedy perfectly.

    Actually for 22 Minutes they might very well give you a skit as an “American Correspondent” where you could say pretty much everything you already say with the comedy you already use but within a thinly veiled satirical acting framework.

    It is at least a suggestion and I hope it helps.

    I used all Rick Mercer Rants because I’ve noticed a few people call you the “American Rick Mercer” so I thought just in case for some reason you didn’t understand what the connection was or never looked him up yourself beforehand now you can see any similarities that exist.

    And of course its also for anyone else who happens to pop by.

    Perhaps I should not write you a forum essay one day and merely leave a normal comment…. nah.

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