Podcast #181 – Another Fox News slayer, Walmart slayers, foul smell sprayer, and more…

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Largest strike against WalMart ever! (cops hired to arrest protesters)
Pulitzer Prize winning author Tom Ricks joins me as a Fox News slayer!

Special thanks to new members: John, Norton, Jessica, Daniel, Charles and a few
I'm missing.
MUSIC FROM: Sweatshop Union and Drew Imagination 

James Washingtong was dying in 2009 and thought he had gotten away with murder
in 1995.So he confessed it to a guard on his deathbed. He then miraculously
recovered and was convicted of the murder.
Artist Martynka Warzyniak in NY wanted to create a self-portrait stripped of
visual prejudice. So she only used smell. She extracted the smells from her hair,
armpits, and tears and sprayed itat visitors who entered the gallery.



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  1. better segway “speaking of strikes while blah is missile striking blah walmart had it’s biggest strike ever”

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