Podcast #158 – NASA engineer Jonathan Lapin talks with me about the Mars Rover, Armstrong’s death, and more…

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  1. As far as this follow-along luggage idea goes; if it were only an in-airport need you were looking to fill, then you would only need rental robo-CARTS that one would load up to carry the luggage, kind of like how some stores have electric fat people scooters for in-store use. And by the by, our military-everythingfuckedabouthumanity-complex does have robot dog looking things for carring kit code name BigDog, but those walk as opposed to rolling, so they can be more all terrain. Too bad we don’t just all share stuff yet, because then we wouldn’t need to waste power shipping all our crap around back and forth. Like Lee looks to be about my size, so when in Denver he could just wear my clothes, it’s not like I wear everything I own all at one time, ….yea, yea, I know..that’s crazy talk, like half the shit I say,… people are forever replying they never anyone say such a thing. But I’m starting to come to the conclusion that sanity is so rare these days that it just appears to be madness in comparison to the status quo

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