podcast #141 – PAUL KRASSNER, the godfather of modern satire and creator of the Yippies, talks with me for the hour

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  1. Your shows have awesome guests more often than not, but I’ve got to hand it to you. I first read about the Yippies in a Cory Doctorow novel. Long live counter-culture.

  2. That tribute to Paul Krassner was beautiful. Thanks for your generosity ON TOP OF your usual excellent rabble-rousing work! I bought yr MOC book, loved it of course.

  3. Wow! “That solid rare interview capturing a counter-culture icon, is all you want or need.” Paul Krassner is a prolific writer and lecturer and hearing his war stories is like a trip down nostalgia lane for anyone interested in the original 1960’s revolution. Very exciting to hear he’s still going strong, writing a novel and getting it done.
    Great interview, Mr. Camp.


  4. Lee, you channel my rage and angst better than anyone…as I am now free of a relationship where my sarcasm was frowned upon, I hope to spice up my climate change music with more of your amazing forthright, “wake the fuck up, sheeple” messaging.

    Already support sam seder, dan carlin (common sense) greenpeace, several progressive candidates, and other associated causes on my gardeners wage but I’ll find a way to add you to the list after the elections…

    Your voice is priceless. So appropriate and needed in this moment where most are sleeping thorough their own butchering!


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