Podcast #139 – I talk with Jay Tomlinson, creator of BEST OF THE LEFT

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  1. You know, unless you address all the issues in the corporation corruption bag of tricks, like price fixing, price gouging, illegal monopolizing, health care & defense fraud, illegal bid rigging, and many many more, which cost our domestic conconomy 3.5 trillion dollars a year out of a 6 trillion dollar a year conconomy, well, then nothing will ever change! No matter whether we fix the banks or not, they’ll each continue to grow and cannibalize the conconomy. By the way, didn’t Bill Hicks say it was a fake democracy, this has got to be the understatement of all time! It’s more like all the Hellraiser movies converted into we are “America’s finest & most trusted demonic evils” until proven guilty by our “news that you can trust” mainstream media! Good luck on that one!

  2. Of course! I hope you guys are able to keep going for a long time to come. Thanks for leaving a comment. And let me know how else I can help.

  3. Hey Lee – thanks for mentioning Free Speech Radio News and the American Prospect on this podcast. Jonathan Lapin is a big supporter of ours and AP. It’s encouraging to hear independent voices like yours supporting independent voices like ours. We’re grateful.

    Alan Searle
    Development Director/Administrator

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