Podcast #118 – WORLD PREMIERE song by DOCO plus I read YOUR moments of clarity

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  1. Listened to this on Itunes & I have to say, if you feel like our teacher, your not assigning the assbag books. I finally found time to finish Catch 22 and it was fucking fantastic! Satiristas is next and I’ll eventually get to my MOC print edition. Thank you also for sharing our moments, my near miss as a teen was quite the scandal in the small community I was living at the time. I ended up moving and changing high schools due to what I can only describe as a kind of unwillingness to accept the facts of the accident & my survival. Being able to talk about it in the context of how it actually improved my view of life has been liberating. Due to the high levels of emotions involved, attempting to discuss the incident with my family has always gotten me hastily shushed. When I told my older kids, they nicknamed me Iron Mom 🙂

  2. This link is still broken for me, good thing this MOC is available on other sites, cuz it ain’t available on your personal website as far as I can tell. I call CIA script kiddie psy-ops dirty tricks targeting you as a boat rocker. Please be careful with you webpage settings, it can be easy to for an intruder to switch these settings to sabotage your message. The voter suppression efforts of these #^** is unbounded and leaves no stone un-turned. And just because i’m paranoid doesn’t disprove the findings of the “Church Committee of 1975” en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Church_Committee

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