Podcast #114 – I sit down with MARK SEMAN from Sirius/XM radio PLUS I cover factory farming AS WELL AS the big bank settlement

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  1. All great ideas. I love it. Thank you for posting this and I’ve often had the same thought! I love how late night comedy shows won’t book me even if I cut out all the curse words because of the topics I talk about. Apparently hearing about war is even worse than a curse word or a sexual comment.

  2. Hi Lee,
    just wanted to tell you that you are my new favorite comedian. I found you through an MOC on the Real News Network and checked out more of them. Couldn’t help noticing the irony of every one of your videos having a warning label (Warning: Extreme language) but none of the totally f’ed up things you talk about have to have warning labels.

    It struck me especially hard because I have been thinking lately how people have gotten so obsessed with entertainment and appearances and pay almost no attention to the substantial reality of their lives. Forget computer games and youtube videos. We need to have EXTREME REALITY warning labels.

    For instance, why isn’t there a label on factory farmed meat saying:
    “Warning: this meat may contain antibiotic resistant bacteria that could kill you, your children, or your sick grandma.”

    Or this outside military recruiting offices:
    “Warning: 1. Citizens of other countries are just as likely to defend their homes from foreign invaders as you are. 2. Acceptance of a position in the US military requires you to give up all semblance of free will and may subject you to medical experimentation. 3. Acceptance of a position in the US military may require you to become a rapist and/or mass murderer of small children.”

    Why not this disclaimer on health insurance company want ads:
    “Warning: Acceptance of this position will require you to relinquish any vestige of human empathy you might heretofore have retained and may require you to become a mass murderer of small children.”

    For candidates for any elected office… there would probably need to be a 50 page document.

    Sorry, I have a tendency to go off on tangents. Keep up the good work. I am making a symbolic $1 donation to the cause. Sorry I can’t afford more, but I’m a casualty of the current economy and no longer have a job. Stay clear.

  3. Good climate rant – but where can I find the “safe” for public version, promised in the You tube pop up text? Maybe this would be good for non-profit college and community radio too. Let me know.

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