Our Economy Is Built On A Huge Lie [VIDEO]

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  1. I guess I should ponder out loud, what is evil?
    Does calling a company a corporation or vice versa make it evil or un-evil? Does company become evil in the “incorporation” process alone?
    Yet, as Camp says in other words, when things that cost 5000 or 20000 relatively quickly become $15000 (funeral) and $100000 (wedding or luxury etc, not that weddings need $20000 either), good old unfree frequently acting-uneducated and un-intelligible market feels needy / has to go and literally rape the ecology of ourselves and or cultures of other people.
    *of course, in some price costing ranges we are frequently going from millions and billions, relatively quickly going into the trillions (as if, like Camp says, just printing more and raping more ecology just makes it all better).

  2. In some defense of Tesla, most are somewhat to very addicted to luxury or the idea of and or need for luxury in society (or, in some viewpoint, “sane semi-potential for affordable luxury” in the Tesla ~$35k model).. in usa somewhat not quite (?) in same way as people often used to get their jollies watching old kings and queens get married and rule with varying degrees of despotisms and or unsustainable regality / while let ’em eat cake, get fat have babies that need corporate diapers, corporate funerals and corporate coffins (or, the guillotine if they go with sane diets that doesn’t lead them into the control or be controlled society of resource “wealth” concentration ponzi orgs)..
    Yes it’s kind of a shame that a few wall biz expatriates didn’t invest in Tesla and make the company not so subject to wall biz ponzi scheme whims & demands.. moreso, when potential for sister companies have potential to lead to more solar for more decent / sane power production (In, USA including Puerto Rico.. island nation that instead of well done decentralized power, got demgop white fish skeleton big money concentration corp)..
    and, would be likely good with the way non-sciences / propaganda marketing ponzi machines are still trying for re-writing (redacting / ie, shuttin’ up) what could be brighter / open future towards genuinely using well gained / true knowledge (intell.)
    With the way lots of oppression and redacting is going (lots to do with our ponzi democracy “revolving door” agencies – many often now creating more ill than solving).. with that, Space-X might be one of independent (Independent of ill influences?) that expatriates of wall biz and citizen-based governance agency could decide on investing in citizen-science (well-educated citizens genuinely trying to serve ecology that supports citizens) space based information gathering systems (satellites with non-demgop influenced ground control).. launched (The launched into-space part of geo-stationary and non-stationary) by Tesla sister company.

    Now, at heart, I’m more of a back-to-lander-luddite than into space projects, yet if going to have that (spaced based intelligence gathering) effort, why not make sure citizens and effective/efficient and genuine intelligence / decency driven people (instead of largely whims of what is now, demgop) decide on these concerns (question symbol “?” at the end of that run on sentence / thought stream – Is that statement much questionable?)

    Otherwise, fully agree 97 to 99% of expressed by LCamp

  3. (Not that the ponzi isn’t so extremely man / people-made complex that many can’t even define their own illusions of tools they frequently use). ie, mention wall biz “derivatives” to most anyone dealing in them in the 90’s-2010 era and they would give mess of words and look like george b jr did on sept. eleventh when he heard/saw initial results of what his personal ponzi group had been planning…… the omg look of gw jr of that’s what dick was talking about. While being surrounded by children listening to the puppet of the ponzi’s head illusionists being involved in “literacy.”

  4. (Mishmash is what the ponzi machine will refer to your diverse and genuine approach to democracy as being / in not being part of continuing the ponzi of centralized stupidity and greed we’re generally dealing…. mishmash is best of what the ponzi brain fungus groups/klan will call your summit towards decency, sanity, and feeling like a trillionaire without diets of demgop synthetic chem pharma, cow cafo animal slavery extreme, and just-eat it-and-like-it-white bleached high processed sugar pain & numbness)

  5. Invite Hedges, JStein, RDawson, Martin, JStewart, couple more Redacted people,,,,, maybe invite Bernie (if agrees he was fall guy or duped by dncdemgop queenHillfear&electTrump machine)
    to group mishmash of non-ponzi democracy (facade democracy) on changemaker way forward.

  6. Yes perhaps the demgop brain fungus will bloom into powdery substance that we can easily bottle and jettison to burn in the furnace of Sun. (Getting to critical mass of percentage of people that can overcome brain/no-hearted infectious vectors of disconnect that leads to trickle down oblivious extreme greed fungi costs & spores is not as difficult to overcome as can be falsely felt to be, it’s basic decency and applying wisdom instead of greed and “Trillion dollar solutions” – not that regenerative and genuine sustainability won’t make each of us feel more like what a trillionaire aspires to feel: )

  7. (My post at 140pm, in response to Veda)
    (Yes, wall biz demgop corps don’t operate in some neat little plastic hermetically sealed ant farm easily jettisoned on bottle rocket to oblivion in space)

  8. Sadly their is / their is realization that frequent popular ‘news’ reports of this and that same ol same ol demgop wall biz is affecting our daily realities

  9. Take two or so weeks breather and or do more semi-lengthy interviews (enlightened “outsiders”) that make we the people that are very resistant to truth of perception more considerate towards genuine & dynamic change (while burning less fossils fuels / messing much climate ecology); and, those that aren’t just rebelling against being genuine change (not the “ignoring is bliss consumer”) ~ more actively changing their influences on / activities towards being genuine change makers.
    Towards defunding the useless and worse agents pretending to and accepted as part of democracy, replace with non-commercial much direct democracy (block chain and non demgop restrained public funded non commercial democracy).
    Keep on

  10. Thanks again Lee! It continually amazes me how even ‘local’ news has to tell us about stock market results as if those results have ANYTHING to do with our daily economic realities. Another blaring example of how ‘local,’ ‘corporate,’ ‘mainstream’ media are owned by corporations/stock market manipulators, profiteers, etc.! THANKS!

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